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Do you want to feel relief, confidence, and clarity as a leader? Are you still searching for a solution that will save you recruiting and training costs, and not only retain your current team members, but develop them into future leaders? If this sounds like something you need… M.E.S. Consulting is your solution!

About Us

At M.E.S. Consulting we strive to deliver consistent and unparalleled service every day! Helping businesses to develop successful leaders, and implement practical talent and operational solutions, which will increase retention and improve bottom line results.

Our job starts with you… We will spend time getting to know what makes your business unique. We have the personal experience to work with your business on creating and implementing a practical and successful talent optimization solution. We will coach your leaders on how to achieve the results you’re after, by building strong teams. Here at M.E.S. Consulting, we believe people make the difference, therefore the people on your team deserve adequate attention to excel in their career. Do you already have systems in place for recruiting, hiring, and training? Don’t stop reading, because we also can help you develop systems to ensure your leaders are effectively delivering that training and development you need on your team. From in the field training, to interactive seminars, and innovative resources you can use to create the company you desire, M.E.S. Consulting is here to help our neighbor, and we will support you from beginning to end. Come talk with us today!

Maggie Surette, Founder of M.E.S. Consulting and Training Specialist

Products and Services

We offer a cost free 30 minute consultation where we get to know your business needs, and discuss the possibilities for us to help you achieve your desired result. If we believe your business is the right match for our services, we will work together and begin your journey to success together.

Our services include consultation on creating practical training solutions for the talent on your team, and ensuring practical systems are in place to ensure implementation.

We offer in person, virtual, and seminar style training for you and your leadership team on how to best deliver your new or improved solutions.

We are a certified partner for Predictive Index, which offers a proven software solution to easily help hire the right person for the right job, inspire high performing teams, align your teams across all departments with the vision for your business, strategic management strategies for each individual on your team, and techniques to keep team members engaged and self-motivated to work hard for you.

We know your busy! Our flexibility on your preferred consultation method, allows business owners to receive our support even if they are on the go. We work with you and your team in person, on the phone, virtually, in a group setting, in a webinar, or any other form of communication which will effectively deliver you results. We like to consider ourselves innovative, so we work with you on what best suits your learning style.

We want to offer you a FREE! 30 minute consultation in order to hear what your businesses unique needs are, and provide you with options to get the results you want!

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